We at Etteplan understand quality as a customer focused, open way of working. Our customers will see this as thorough, carefully developed procedures resulting in controlled schedules, costs deliveries.

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Latest articles

  • Accreditation for the EMC test lab 30.08.2016 espotel , laboratory

    The FINAS accreditation service has granted accreditation to the Jyväskylä testing laboratory of Espotel Oy, which is part of the Etteplan Group, in accordance with requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

  • Etteplan acquires Espotel Oy and Soikea solutions Oy 17.03.2016 espotel , kari liuska

    In order to meet its customers' needs in digitalization Etteplan strengthens its expertise in embedded systems and industrial internet solutions. Etteplan acquires in two separate transactions the total share capital of Espotel Oy and Soikea Solutions Oy and strengthens its position as a leading engineering services provider.

  • Espotel awarded in Poland for dynamic development 01.03.2016 espotel

    We’re happy to announce that Espotel has been awarded with ‘Gazele Biznesu 2015’ as one of the most dynamically developing SME enterprises in Wrocław and Lower Silesia.

  • World's first LoRaWAN certification! 10.11.2015 testing , industrial internet , laboratory , jouko nikula

    The industrial Internet is growing and spreading quickly. Where there is a need to collect data from an Internet-of-Things (IoT) network consisting of a large number of devices or to control devices in a large area, a long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN) is a powerful data transfer solution.

  • Lue artikkeli Espotelista Liiketoiminnan digitalisointi -julkaisussa! 04.11.2015 espotel , industrial internet , tomi kyllönen , finland

    Ite wikin tavoitteena on kerätä yhteen tietoa it-alan toimijoista ja tehostaa alan hankintaa sekä myyntiä. Nyt ite wiki on julkaissut ensimmäisen alan julkaisunsa. Liiketoiminnan digitalisoinnin ensimmäisen osan keskiössä olevia teemoja ovat Internet of Things ja Teollinen Internet.

  • Espotel LoRa Platform is now released 21.10.2015 industrial internet , wireless , industrial , telecom , defence , jaakko ala-paavola

    The ARM mbed enabled LoRa prototyping platform from Espotel is now officially published and live at ARM mbed platforms site. The purpose of the platform is to enable rapid prototyping and small scale piloting, and serve as reference design for development of full custom products.

  • Asioiden Internet saa ensimmäisen oman radioverkon Suomessa 20.10.2015 espotel , wireless , industrial , jaakko ala-paavola , finland

    Suomen johtava älykkäiden laitteiden ja teollisen internetin suunnittelutalo Espotel Oy sekä langattomien viestintäverkkojen verkko-operaattori Digita ovat julkaisseet maamme ensimmäistä asioiden internetin radioverkkoa hyödyntävän palvelukonseptin. Radioverkko perustuu LoRa-teknologiaan. Yritysten yhteisenä tavoitteena on uudenlaisten tuote- ja liiketoimintakonseptien käyttöönotto ja teollisen internetin ratkaisujen tarjoaminen helposti pilottiasiakkaille.

  • Industrial Internet turns into business 13.09.2015 espotel , industrial internet , industrial applications , jaakko ala-paavola

    Espotel, a well-known designer of embedded systems, now invests into industrial Internet applications. A new business unit for Industrial Internet and Internet of Things has been established, and Chief Technology Officer Jaakko Ala-Paavola has been appointed as the Head of this unit.

  • Espotel teaching programming in secondary schools 25.05.2015 espotel , finland

    Espotel organized programming courses in four different secondary schools around Finland during spring 2015.

  • Espotel integrates ARM mbed Ecosystem with IBM cloud for Industrial Internet applications 14.04.2015 espotel , industrial internet , industrial , medical , defence , jaakko ala-paavola

    ​Espotel has joined the ARM® mbed™ ecosystem as a partner providing cutting edge end-to-end Internet-of-Things services and solutions for industrial applications.