Test Laboratory

We provide research and test laboratory services for electronic devices, systems and solutions in our laboratory located in Jyväskylä, Finland. Laboratory services include:

  • Assistance and consultation in product certification
  • Electromagnetic compatibility measurements and testing (EMC/ESD)
  • Radio frequency testing (RF)
  • RF and hardware interoperability testing
  • Antenna performance measurements
  • Environmental, mechanical and reliability testing
  • Failure analysis and quality assurance

Type approval and EMC tests ensure the compliance of the products, and performance measurements and failure analysis can be used to improve product functionality and reliability.
There is a possibility to participate in the testing, consult our specialists and implement design changes during testing. A comprehensive report is provided on the performed tests.

For more details see the laboratory services presentation here: Laboratory Services Presentation.

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or telephone:  +358 400 868 000


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    Simulation speeds up design and helps improve the end product quality. Simulation suits nicely for example for antenna design, for analysing EMC, RF interoperability, shielding effectiveness and radiating fields. It can also be used to review the current layout, design and mechanics.