Production Testing

Etteplan designs and manufactures functional test solutions electronics production. Our test systems are used in factories to ensure that each manufactured unit is fully functional and meets the requirements. The test system design time and risk are minimized by using ready-made hardware and software components. More than 600 production testing solutions has been delivered to over 40 factories around the world.

Etteplan is National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner. 

Procket production test platform

Procket test platform is tailored according to customer needs. The platform is built with the qualified components from best suppliers, which minimizes risks in hectic tester projects. Procket family contains several variants, which are suitable for different production volumes, product mix and testing needs. Procket is suitable for PCBA testing, module testing, final testing, RF testing and machine vision applications. 

Remote management and test data analysis

WATS remote management solution allows real-time remote monitoring of testers and statistical analysis of test results. Updates of test sequences, test limits and firmware can be handled professionally, under version control and configuration management. WATS is standard part of Etteplan’s Procket software and can also be integrated to any existing test system. For more info on WATS see:


JTAG Boundary Scan

Etteplan is authorized JTAG application provider. With the tools from JTAG Technologies we develop Boundary scan applications for complex designs loaded with IEEE1149.1 compliant devices to test these boards independently from its firmware.  Once a board is proven to be correct, the JTAG chain can also be used to program the firmware. The resulting applications will be combined with the functional test and fully integrated in either a LabView, CVI or TestStand environment. More information:

Our services for Production Testing

  • Specification
    • Design for Testing (DfT) consultancy
    • Test strategy definition
    • Creation of test specifications
    • Test coverage analysis
    • Mechanical stress analysis for PCBAs
  • Implementation
    • Test system design
    • Test system manufacturing
    • MSA and Gage R&R analysis
    • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Commissioning
    • On-site training and commissioning
    • NPI and ramp-up support
    • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Maintenance
    • Production process monitoring and Statistical Process Control (SPC) as a service
    • Collecting and analysis of test results by using WATS
    • Test software updated and remote management with WATS
    • WATS installations for existing test systems
    • Spare parts service
    • Root cause analysis and problem solving



For more information contact:

Teppo Välisaari
Director, Test Solutions
+358 44 755 2946


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